Early Years Practitioners

Tablets can be of real value to young children’s learning and development, if they are used effectively in pre-school settings. Here, you can download a booklet that provides guidance and support, based on the findings of our project.


A day in the life of a 0-5 year old



Tablet usage peaks between 2pm-4pm on a typical weekday.

Did you know?

On a typical weekday, children of this age group use a tablet for a mean of 1 hour and 19 minutes.


So what do you think are the key competencies displayed by 0-5 year olds when using tablets?

Guess the competency

Not able 1
Very able 3

Swipe screen

Trace shapes with fingers

Drag items across screen

Open their apps

Draw things

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Discover the top 10 most used apps by pre-schoolers

Are these the right apps for creativity and play?

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